Deja vu…

I feel like I’m living out the same day each morning I wake up this week…. I *once again* didn’t get up to get my morning workout in (but don’t worry, I got it in after work) and work was busy busy busy.  The only thing that changes is my workout and my lunch.

After work, I headed over to the Y to get my long swim of the week in, 2,150 yards.  I was excited to finally swim in the pool since it’s been closed for three weeks.  They had painted the locker rooms and the pool did indeed look cleaner, I guess the tile really needed a good scrubbing.  After swimming two laps my right goggle started leaking, so I tightened the strap and was on my way… more leaking… more strap tightening… more leaking.  Argh!  I finally got them to stop leaking but they were so tight it was giving me a slight headache.  I guess perhaps it’s time to buy a new pair, because there’s no way I can endure a headache during the swim to avoid leaky goggles.

I was also looking forward to this swim to see what my pace was, as my pace had seemed to improve while swimming a few times at the Clayton pool, from 2:07/100 meters to 1:59/100 meters.  However, my overall average pace after the swim was 2:07/100 meters.  Seriously?  Either I was having a slow pool day or Clayton’s pool is a bit shorter.  I’m going with that.  I guess I’ll have a better idea after tomorrow’s swim.

I was happy to have a shorter commute to get my swim in, but I really enjoyed swimming at the pool in Clayton.  It’s a bit cooler than the water temp at the Y, but I noticed today I was actually hot by the end of my swim, so that’s not a bad thing.  Plus, they keep the pool area really warm/humid at the Y so it’s kind of hard to breathe while swimming too.  I plan on sticking with the Y over the winter, but when training starts up again in January next year, I might switch over to Clayton, as I love love love that pool.  Which is saying a lot coming from me, because I’m not a big fan of swimming… I would much rather be out running or riding.

And once again, the day is over and I am on the couch, and probably heading to bed soon.  Fortunately the weekend is right around the corner and I do have some fun, non-training things planned, so I’m looking forward to that and spending less time on the couch at night!

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