The weekend is here…

..well, for me at least 🙂  Tomorrow morning JMR and I are leaving at 6:30 am to drop little Patrick off at the Kennel and then hit the road for his friend’s wedding which is about 4.5 hours away.  I’m excited, but also a little unsure about the plans, as JMR is the best man and STILL doesn’t know what time he needs to show up, other than the fact that the wedding is at 5p.  Yeah.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed (it was painful) and hit the pavement at 5:50 am to get my scheduled 8 miles in.  This run sucked.  My legs were grumpy, perhaps tired from the workout that ended last night at 8:45p (and oh yeah, only 6 hrs of sleep because of that), or because it’s the morning and my body generally doesn’t like working out then unless I’ve had a ridiculous amount of sleep.  Anyways, I trucked through it and managed to have a better run around a 9:30 pace the last four miles or so (I said it was a bad run, 9:30 was good compared to the previous miles).  I ended up doing 8.5 to make up for the 4.5 last night that was supposed to be 5, so even though it was slower than anticipated, I’m glad I got it done plus the little extra.

After showering, packing my lunch (aren’t I good :)), and letting the little guy out, I headed to work for a busy busy day.  I wore a dress my mom bought me for my birthday, since I’m trying to fit in all of the fun ‘summer’ work clothes I have that I haven’t had a chance to wear enough.  She also bought me a cute pair of heels from the same store to compliment the dress and few other purchases, but regardless, my knees were on strike 😦  I am in denial that my days of wearing heels are finally over, but as I’m sitting here and occasionally poking my left knee to see if it’s really *still* sore (and it is), I’m getting closer to understanding that flats are in my really-not-kidding near future.  Boo hiss.  Sadly the dress I’m wearing to the wedding would look ridiculous in flats, so I’m going to have to suck it up and deal for a couple of hours, and then after that, plan long term to avoid heels…at least until the race.

Back to working out… after work I headed to the Center of Clayton to swim in their beautiful pool, and decided to try out the waterproof headphones again.  This time they really were a success!  I could hear the lyrics rather than just the bass almost the entire time!! These will be awesome for my longer swims in the future.  I squeezed in 1950 yards (although the pools I’m swimming in are usually in meters, and I’m too lazy to convert, so it’s really usually meters), and headed home to pack for the trip and eat dinner.

Now I’m all packed, ready to wake up at the rump-crack of dawn… oh wait, that’s right, wake up BEFORE that, to get another short run in, and then hit the road!  I’m sure Patrick is excited too, he gets to go to doggie daycamp all day tomorrow.  Right now he’s resting up for his big day 🙂

Now Patrick and I are both off to bed – catch you after the wedding!

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1 Response to The weekend is here…

  1. Jamie says:

    Love ya Anne-Marie! Just wish I could be there to cheer you on! Your posts are awesome to read and wish I had half your motivation!

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