‘Taper’ Day

So I took today totally off, as a semi-attempt to ‘taper’ for my race tomorrow, ha.  I feel like a sloth, but I think my body will appreciate it tomorrow.  I got up at 8a to let Patrick out and went right back to bed and slept until 11a.  Holy moly.  I can’t even remember the last time I did that, I guess I really did need the sleep!  After I got up I drove to work because I left my badge and debit card in a bag under my desk.  Yipes.  Then I went to Whole Foods to get something for lunch.  I love the hot sandwiches they have, I ordered one with chicken, roasted onion, cheddar cheese, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and chipotle mayo on pretzel bread.  Yum!  In fact as I’m typing this hours later, I want another one!

Later I headed to REI to drop my bike off for them to put the new cadence meter on, and while they worked on it I perused all of the aisles I had no business perusing.  I did need earplugs for the swim tomorrow in case the water was cold, but that was the only item I *needed* to buy.  But…. they just got their fall merchandise in and I love a brand they carry, Prana, so I ended up buying a casual sundress as well (super soft, comfy and it wicks!  My kind of dress!).  Oh and I bought these too for tomorrow.  Love that they have caffeine!

After an hour or so my bike was ready so I headed back to pick it up from the bike area and got some more additional bike/tri advice from the guy who worked on it.  Awesome!  Once again, I love REI 🙂  Then I headed back home to be a couch potato and watch ‘Million Dollar Listing’, which isn’t that great, but it was the only thing on that slightly appealed to me.  In an hour or so I’m heading over to my parents to babysit my sister’s two month old baby.  My sister and my mom are hosting a couple’s shower for one of my sister’s friends and instead of me watching baby C over at their house, she thought it would be easier for me to watch her there in case I had any trouble.  Trouble as in I’ve only watched her twice, and only for an hour, and prior to that it was seven years since I had babysat.  Do you really think I’m joking when I tell people I’m having puppies?  As of now, I don’t really think kids are in my future…things could change, but right now, I’m having puppies.

Off to take a shower and wear my new fun dress from REI while babysitting. I figured since it was a nice party, even though I won’t be mingling, I shouldn’t wear gym shorts which is my regular garb.  I am trying to be fancier and wear running skirts while running errands instead of running shorts, somehow I feel like I look a tiny bit nicer in those.  Funny though, I bought them for that purpose and not for running.   I got them at Target for only $20 (Champion brand), which I thought was a great deal and ten times cheaper than the Lululemon ones (even though I do love lulu), and they are super comfy!  I’m not sure how they are while running though, as I only wear them while out and about and on the couch 🙂  I don’t really see myself running in running skirts, I’m more of a compression short/running short person these days.   Shower time!

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