Fridays in a flash

Yesterday was busy.   Super busy.  Well, first I woke up at 5a and realized that it was going to be one of the worst decisions of the day if I went for a run.  Really, for some reason when I woke up, my face and body hurt.  So I went back to bed, went to work and had a Starbucks  espresso and felt a tad better.  Although…reflecting on my walk into the office, it really didn’t help when me when one of my male coworkers caught up with me and made a comment saying “Wow, you look really…’re face looks awufl’.  Awesome.  Didn’t your mom teach you anything???

I’ve been following my training schedule, and even then, I know what my body is capable of and what I’ve been doing and I just don’t think I’ve been overtraining.  Undersleeping is the culprit.  So this weekend and the rest of my training I’m going to make a point to NOT make plans during the week that will result in a late night and will make sure to get plenty of sleep or a nap or two on the weekends.  It sounds lame after typing that, but really it’s only six more weeks until the race (yikes!) and then I can be a party animal every weeknight and during the weekend (yeah right, by party animal I mean staying up late watching ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘The Real Housewives of New York’…don’t judge).

Anyways, I made it through the day and for a Friday, it was a pretty darn busy day at work!  When I got home I let Patrick out and then put my suit on and headed to the Y.  When I got there, there was one lane completely open so I had a lane all to myself, hooray!  During the end of my 1700 meter swim someone joined my lane, but I can’t complain because overall it was great swim which makes me feel much better about the race on Sunday since I’ve been slacking in the pool.

When I got home I switched into my running gear and tried to mentally get myself in the groove to run 9 miles.  I was kicking myself the first two miles for not getting up and running in the morning to have already gotten this run over with, but by mile three I was kind of glad I didn’t because that morning it was grey and dreary out and during my run it was nice and sunny and warm (not hot!!).  In fact, the weather was amazing.  Simply awesome.  It almost felt like fall which got me more amped up because that’s my favorite season 🙂  Anyways, due to the fall-like-inspiring weather I ran way too fast, but it felt so good so it was hard to slow down.  When I hit the stop button at mile 9 I realized I had run at a 9 minute pace.  Which is fine, but not the game plan two days before my olympic triathlon on Sunday.

Next up was to take my bike to REI because my cadence meter wasn’t working and it would be nice to have it work on Sunday or my ride on Saturday.  After being there almost an hour the poor guy couldn’t get it to work (me throwing the directions away didn’t help either..grr), we had determined the battery in the rear sensor was dead and he replaced that, but after that, he couldn’t get the computer to read more than a foot away from the sensor.  This is why I love REI: customer service.  He said that they were going to replace the cadence meter for free and they could do it tomorrow! (it was ten minutes until closing)  He didn’t even check to verify that I had bought it from them (which I had), he just took my word for it.  They super duper rock.  Plus, he gave me more bike tips/advice which is always appreciated.  I seriously learn something new about one of the disciplines of triathlon every day.  No joke.

When I finally got home at 9p, my legs were grumpy, I stretched them and had a protein shake but I realized the 45 mile ride planned the next day was probably not the greatest idea, especially with the race the following day and not having a day off since two tuesdays ago.  So I called my dad and took a rain check for the ride on Saturday, poured a glass of wine and stayed up a teeny tiny later than planned to watch some good old Lifetime.  (Yeah, I know what I just said several paragraphs ago about sleep, but that’s assuming I can’t sleep in.  I can sleep in this Saturday so staying up a little late is ok).

So it was a busy day but a good day!  And a little Lifetime watching doesn’t hurt every now and then 😉

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