Change of plans… for everyone

Well the title sums it up.  Since I go from sad, to scared, to ok, to anxious many times throughout the day, I am just going to keep this post short and light!

We are now in week 3 of the shelter in place order in Saint Louis, which really feels like week 4, because that’s about how long ago it was when things started getting crazy.  It started with groups of no larger than 50 allowed on 3/15, then a bunch of races getting cancelled or postponed, like the Boston Marathon, to even Disneyworld closing, then finally the ‘shelter in place’ order here on 3/23.  I have been working from home 100% since 3/16, and JMR joined me on 3/23.  It was a pretty big adjustment for him as he only works from home on the weekends and evenings, so it took awhile for him to get all set up and settled.  It was also an adjustment for me to have another human at home all day.  The first few days I kept wanting to get up and chat, but I also finally settled into a routine of leaving him alone (mostly) during the day.

We have been trying to keep some sort of routine to keep things normal, having two dogs will definitely help with that as they don’t sleep in, love their regular walks and have to eat, so I will give them a little credit for helping our routine 🙂  Just like before all of this, I ride or run before work, then JMR gets up and we work during the day, then depending on the day I ride or run at lunch or after work.  Business as usual minus swimming (my last swim was 3/16… sigh…I miss swimming)  I won’t bore you with the details but with riding almost every day along with my runs and strength sessions, I’ve been doing around 11-12 hours of training each week, so at least I won’t lose the fitness I was building for St. George!  No 20 mile runs in my near future though, lol.

Last Friday we hauled my dad’s ancient rowing machine from my parents house to ours  so I could start getting some upper body workouts back and hopefully don’t lose all of the swim fitness I’ve been working on (and going to their house during the stay at home order to use it was not a good option).  I plan to start rowing tomorrow morning – my arms can’t wait and I’m looking forward to a new ‘exercise’ to add 🙂


Temporary new addition to our basement 🙂

My Fenix 6 even has an indoor Rowing activity!

So now with St. George not happening the ‘plan’ is to race IMWI in September, but since no one can predict what things will be like then and what races will actually happen, that’s all still up in the air really.  However I need a new goal to focus on, so for now that is the goal…along with staying healthy!

On a non training update, this week and next week our area is supposed to get hit the hardest by the pandemic, so I made one last BIG trip to the grocery store this morning to hopefully stock up enough for the next two weeks so we don’t have to leave the house (we have only been leaving 1-2 times a week to get a few perishable items from the store).  That was super stressful, everyone shopping was good about staying far away from each other, but it was still not a fun experience.  I was wearing a pedestrian type mask which felt weird and was hard to breathe in, so that was probably contributing to  my anxiety!  So now we will continue to STAY HOME and keep limiting our outside activities to dog walks and running, far from other people, and hoping others do the same!  Also, this just made me laugh and had to share:

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Jamie Suthers says:

    Stay safe Russels! Thinking about you!!

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