2018: Training Week 9

This past week was a recovery week and on top of that I came down with a cold/sore throat on Friday, so this past weekend was REALLY full of recovery and not doing very much of anything.  Well, except for watching a ton (probably way too many) movies.  Saturday was the day it was the worst so I skipped my workout that day and took the first rest day since 12/29/17.  It hurt my soul a little to break my workout streak but it had to come some day, and Saturday was it.  Sunday I wasn’t feeling back to 100% but was feeling a bit better, so I hopped on the treadmill to get in a least part of my missed run on Saturday.  To my surprise my body was ok with it, and I ended up doing the whole 8 miles and close to the planned paces, so hooray for that!  This week it’s back to the grind and thank goodness I woke up Monday morning feeling much better, and today I think I’m feeling 98% better 🙂 Ok, on to last week’s workouts!

Week 9: 2/26-3/4

Monday – 2350y swim in the am

Tuesday – Easy 30 min run in the am, followed by yoga after work

Wednesday – 2550y swim in the am, followed by a 1 hr trainer ride after work

Thursday – 6 mile run with 4 @ 8:45 pace

Friday – 2100y swim at lunch… this is when I started to not feel so great.  I was hoping a swim and sauna after would help me sweat whatever it was out, but it did not.

Saturday – 8 mile run Rest Day.

Sunday – 1:30 trainer ride, followed by 10 min run.  Saturday’s 8 mile run.

Total Training Hours: 6:49

Along with bringing the volume back up this week, I am making it a goal to start getting my strength workouts in on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  That’s the first thing on my training schedule to get skipped when my schedule is tight for time.  However to build up strength and to help avoid injuries I have to get it in, even it’s it’s just 30 minutes.

Ok, back to work, Happy Tuesday!




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