Training Update: IMWI Training Week 18

I’m still alive and still planning on doing IMWI 🙂  But the past two months have been filled with ups and downs and inconsistent training.  Somewhere in there (April 9th) I ran a half marathon, which was definitely not race report worthy since I barely survived, and some weeks I would gain momentum and others I would lose it, especially the last couple of weeks with the whole allergy thing.  So as I said, nothing worth reporting.

Work was semi-busy last week, but honestly because the rash around my eyes was so red and hurt, I really didn’t want to work out until it had calmed down since it burned when I sweat and I had no idea what the pool/chlorine would do to it.  However by Saturday my rashes seemed to be a little more under control so I got in my planned workouts. I’ll go more into detail on the allergy stuff in a different post as it’s quite lengthy.  So, in short, this will be a short post 🙂

Week 18

Saturday: 2 hour trainer ride because it rained allll darn day

Sunday: Swam 2800y in the am and 6.7 miles in the afternoon, and boy was it pretty warm and extra humid.  I won’t even comment on my paces, but at least I got it done.

Ok, that’s all for now, and next week’s recap should be back to a regular training recap with lots of training hours 🙂  Off to the pool to swim 3600y (yikes!)


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