Training Updates: May 31 – June 5

We had another busy weekend this past weekend, which really made it fly by again.  Next weekend will be busy too (traveling for Effingham 70.3) but after that we won’t be traveling for a while.  I’m a little relieved as I am ready to get into the routine of longer rides/runs and then doing stuff around the house (so many projects to still do!) or relaxing with JMR.

Monday – Included in last week’s post since it was part of ECo Training Camp

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday  – swam 2150yds before work

Thursday – 3 mile shakout run.  My legs still felt like lead.

Friday – Rest Day/Stretch

Saturday – 2 hour ride followed by 2 mile run.  JMR’s cousin was getting married that afternoon in Quincy, IL, so I got up early and rode my trainer for 2 hours which during the second hour got realllly boring. I’m officially ready to do my long rides outside, so hopefully that’s the last 2+ hr ride on the trainer.  After I was done riding I hopped off my bike, headed outside to run 2 miles, and after the run I quickly showered and packed.

We made it to Quincy around 1p, just enough time to hang out with JMR’s parents for a bit, get ready and then head out at 2:15 since it was a 45 min drive to the venue, a local winery.  It was a good thing we left early (which I’m not so great about doing), because we got a little lost and it took closer to an hour. Once we arrived, we hung out on the big deck on the back of the venue and talked to a few of JMR’s relatives, and as it got closer to 4 (the time of the ceremony) we headed down to the gazebo near the lake where the ceremony was taking place.  The wedding started a little after 4, the bride’s dress was beautiful, and with the exception of a few small snafu’s (one of the ladies helping arrange her dress and veil once she entered the gazebo accidentally pulled the whole veil out!  The maid of honor quickly put it back in her hair and the ceremony carried on) it was a beautiful ceremony. I can’t believe this is the first wedding I have attended since our wedding!  It definitely brought back a few memories from our wedding day 🙂

After the ceremony we did family pictures and then headed back inside the main venue for dinner, dancing and drinks.  We had a great time hanging out with JMR’s family and dancing – I even got JMR to dance to a non-slow dance song!  We were one of the last groups to leave at around 11:30p and after dropping JMR’s grandma off at her house, we finally got back to their house around 12:30p.  That’s late for me!  I don’t think I was even up that late at my wedding!  Once we got home, I got ready for bed and fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow.

Sunday – Between the late night and a bit too much wine/beer, I was pretty darn tired on Sunday, thank goodness it was an off-day, I needed it!  After laying low and doing some laundry, we headed to my sister’s house at 5p to celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday (Ariel themed of course :))  We left around 7:30p and by 8:30p I was fast asleep on the couch after I had started to watch a movie with JMR.  Whoops.  Good thing it’s a 2 day rental and I can watch it tonight.  I was tiiiiired.

Total Training Hours: 3hrs 25 min

Since yesterday was a rest day, today I have a swim on the schedule, and even though I’m still a tad tired from the weekend, my body is ready to get moving again (even though it is just a short swim, and I’m not going to complain!).  This week is race week which means easy/short workouts, lots of water (NO soda or alcohol), clean eating and strict bedtimes!  I definitely indulged on Saturday and a little on Sunday (lots of bread and who could turn down a piece of Ariel cake?) so I’m ready to get back to healthier eating!

Happy Monday!

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