Training Updates: May 9 – May 15

Well this week was probably the most I’ve trained in 2016 and it felt good!  I still get the tired afternoon lull on days where I do a swim or run in the am, but it’s getting better, so hopefully after a couple more weeks I will feel awake all day long 🙂

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 6.5 mile tempo run: 1 mile warmup, 2 @ 8 min pace, 4 min easy, 2 @ 8 min pace and 1 mile cooldown.  That was rough with so many hills, hopefully the hilly terrain around my neighborhood will make me stronger.

Wednesday – 2300y swim in the am I overslept, followed by a 2 hr trainer ride after work.  I’m getting tiiiired of these long rides (well, long to me!) on the trainer!

Thursday – 2300y swim (missed swim from wednesday), followed by a 5 mile run (3 @ 8:25) at lunch.

Friday – 1900y swim in the am, followed by 40 min of strength training after work.

Saturday – 3 hour ride, with hill repeats in the middle.  This ride was tough for a couple of reasons: 1. I rode solo since my usual riding buddies were out of town, 2. after doing the hills, I rode an hour in the flats and the wind was insaine.  INSAINE.  20+ mph gusts, which forced some of my effot to only 5mph even when my heart rate was in the 160’s.  The last 15 minutes my legs were on fire.  I have had mixed feelings of not having any bricks on my schedule after my mid week rides or my long rides, but I will say with certainty that I was more than glad to not have to run after that ride.

Mid ride at a gas station, you can’t beat pure sugar + caffeine for a boost of energy!

Sunday – 8 mile run, 1 mile warmup, 6 at race pace (8:25) and 1 mile cooldown.  It took me a couple of miles to get settled in, but after that I was in a groove, so hopefully that means good things for the race on Saturday!

Total Training Hours: 9:56

Hooray that today is a rest day, however I only have two runs on the schedule this week (not counting the race on Saturday), so I have a feeling by Wednesday I will be getting a little antsy!

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