IMWI Training Week 23: Aug 10 – Aug 16

This week was a step-back week, and it was really needed.  I was also on call for work so having fewer/shorter workouts was a relief!  Fortunately I only got calls during the workday (with the exception of one saturday afternoon, but it wasn’t an issue our team resolves), however it was still stressful carrying my phone, pen and paper everywhere I went!

Monday – Rest Day, and I needed it, my legs were dead from the long run the day before.

Tuesday – 1 hour run at lunch, 5.6 miles (ended up being 56 minute run).  My pool was closed this week and I had planned on getting up early and driving to a pool 15 minutes away, but sleep won.  Going after work stressed me out too much because I could still get calls until at least 9p.

Wednesday – 1:15 trainer ride, followed by a 2 mile run.  I quickly discovered after the ride that I forgot to use chamois cream 😦  Ouch.

Never forget to apply before a ride!!

Thursday – The downstairs issue was still not great, I attempted my 1 hour run, but five minutes in, I called it quits because the chaffing was so painful (never again forget chamois cream before a ride!)  I didn’t even attempt to go to the nearby pool that night, I was in a grumpy mood.  I did take an epsom salt bath in hopes to help soothe things a bit.

Friday  – 1:30 on the trainer, instead I did the 1 hour run I skipped yesterday before work.  The bath seemed to have helped things, hooray!  I had planned to swim after work but forgot we were doing a family dinner night – can you tell I was slightly mentally checked out?

Saturday – Since I was on call, no long ride outside 😦 I had debated taking the following monday off and getting in my long ride, but 3 hours on the trainer was manageable (but obviously not fun), and I wanted to start my last big training week with legs as fresh as possible.  So a 3 hour trainer ride it was, followed by a 30 min run.

Creepy headshot while riding the trainer. 2 hours down….1 to go.

Sunday – 14 mile long run near my house (in case I had to hop on my computer), which meant hills, hills and more hills.  I did a 4.5ish mile loop and it was tough!  I was spent by mile 14….and already dreading my 20 miler next sunday.   Sigh.

So, zero swims for the week, but I got in what workouts I could.  I still have a few more weeks to get in quality swims so I am not fretting.  One more big week to go and then the taper starts!

Total Training Time: 9:00 hours

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