IMWI Training Week 19: July 13-19

Just got back from Racine, race report to follow soon!  But first a quick recap of training week 19.

Monday- Swam 2200 yards.  Mentally I just didn’t want to be swimming, but I pushed through.  Not my fastest swim.

Tuesday- 1 hr tempo run, 6.67 miles (ok, it ended at 6.66 after an hour and I refused to leave it at that number).

Wednesday- 1:15 trainer ride, followed by 15 min run.  Well, I’m not sure what the deal was but a few minutes after riding I felt really dizzy.  I kept thinking it would pass, but after 30 minutes I called it quits.  After I hopped off the bike, the rest of the night I felt like I was on a boat, almost like vertigo?  Very strange.

Thursday- Easy 30 min run around the neighborhood.  No dizziness.  Weird, but glad it’s gone!

Friday- Travel day – headed to Racine 🙂

Saturday- Pre-race brick, 30 min ride followed by 15 minute run.  I also managed a quick swim before the brick to get used to the water.  It was cold! But it was also so clear!  Being able to actually see through the water during the swim should be a new experience 🙂

Sunday – Racine 70.3!

Not a very eventful week since it was a taper/easy week. Ok, off to write my race report.

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