IMWI: Training Week 16 June 22 – June 28

Well this past week was interesting!  It started off with a left hip flexor issue and uncertainty that I would even be able to run, to 100% back to normal and a long run yesterday, so that was a good way to end the week.  Although, it was the calm before the storm because the volume is really picking up!  I looked at training this week and almost cried (just a little) out of fear 🙂

I’ve also been trying to clean up my diet a bit more, and managed to successfully not have one diet coke this past week 🙂  I have been replacing it with La Croix and love it!

Monday – Rest day.  Saw my chiro and after  adjusting my SI joint and my back I felt good as new, hooray!

Tuesday – 2500y swim in the am, followed by an easy 40 min run in the afternoon.  I wanted to make sure my left hip flexor was really ok before pushing the pace!

Wednesday  – 1 hr trainer ride, followed by celebrating our six five month anniversary.  Whoops, my math was wrong and when I woke up that morning I told JMR ‘Happy Six Month Anniversary’.  So after work he went to get flowers and cake bites (because he’s sweet like that), and when he was checking out he realized it was only five months.  That’s what I get for doing math first thing in the morning.


I should trick him every month! The mini cake bites were delicious… too bad I train in spandex and can’t overindulge every day!

Side note: we don’t celebrate each month, but for some reason six months seemed sort of monumental.  After one year we will just celebrate it annually 🙂

Thursday – 2600y swim in the am, followed by a 45 min run in the afternoon.  Yep, leg’s back to normal!

Friday – 1 hr *tough* trainer ride.  I hopped off the trainer sweaty and tired, and hoped my legs weren’t going to be dead for my long ride the next day!

Saturday – 3.5 hr (54 miles) ride in Columbia, followed by a 20 min run…followed by BBQ of course 🙂  After lunch, I headed home to unload the car, shower and then head to a friends 4th of July party.  Yes, the 4th wasn’t this past weekend, but because everyone is usually busy or out-of-town, they decided to have a party the week before.  After eating waaaay too much, we headed home around 9:30 and I crashed in bed shortly after.

Sunday – Long run, 2 hrs around Forest Park.  I managed a 9:12 pace and finished up with almost exactly 13 miles.  After my run I headed home to shower and then went to REI to stock up on more gels and honeystinger waffles as my supply was running low!  Patrick apparently was also very busy, JMR texted me a picture of how he looked after he found him frolicking under our deck….

Playing in dirt, leaves and cobwebs sounds like a good idea until you have to get a bath….which is probably his least favorite thing.

I also made my weekly trip to the grocery store.  I decided I would be in charge of groceries/meals (JMR can do the yard work :)) so I’ve been trying to plan out dinner menus for the week to buy as much as I can on Sunday.  BTW the mexican casserole I made for dinner that night was delicious.  Whenever JMR goes back for seconds I know it was good 🙂

Today is a rest day, although I was up early for an appointment with a sports therapist that my friend recommended.  Seeing the chiro has been helpful, but it seems to be more of a quick fix and I am am wanting to get down to the actual cause to help resolve the issue.  More on that later, but I did walk away from my appointment feeling confident that he might have found the culprit! 🙂

Total Training Hours: 10:47

Happy Monday!

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