IMWI: Training Week 11 May 18 – May 24

Well this was a rough week, Vino Fondo really took it out of my legs so I suffered during most of my training this week.  I was also reeaalllyy tired.  Getting up in the mornings was a struggle, hence the missed swim.  I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – Overslept and missed my swim but did get in my 45 min run after work.  Legs were dead.

Wednesday – 1hr trainer ride, I skipped the 15 min run after because it was freezing cold and rainy outside.  I thought it was almost June?  What’s with this weather? Although I’m sure in July I’ll be complaining about the heat so I should be happy with the cooler weather.

Thursday – 2400 y swim in the am followed by a 1hr tempo run in the pm.  I managed an 8:39 pace, it felt good to be getting some speed back!

Friday – Easy 45 min trainer ride, and thank goodness for ‘easy’, my legs were still pretty worn out from the run the day before.

Saturday – 3 hr ride followed by 20 min run.  Woof.  This ride was tough from the beginning to end, my legs just really felt worn out within the first 15 minutes of riding.  Lots of burning and fatigue.  Frustrating.  The first part of the ride (13 miles or so) is pretty hilly and the past few times I have ridden it, I’ve averaged 13ish mph (slow, I know, but it’s hilly!), but this time I averaged 15mph, and was pretty pumped.  Then we rode 20ish more miles back to the parking lot and then did an out-and-back on the hilly section again.  Overall average of 16.5 mph.  Not speedy, but speedy for me on that route.  After the ride, I did a 20 min run followed by BBQ at a restaurant nearby.  I’m not going to lie, the last hour of the ride all I could think of was BBQ!

Sunday – 10 mile run @ an 8:50pace.  It wasn’t easy, but it also wasn’t too bad either and my legs surprisingly had some pep in them after getting warmed up.    Last long run before the half in two weeks!  Oh man, I do NOT feel ready.  At. all.

Total Training Hours: 9:01

Hooray for this week being a recovery week 🙂

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