So Many Updates!!

I just realized that after posting my IMLOU Pre-Race report that I forgot to mention some pretty big news….the week after KS (on my birthday :)) JMR proposed!

Within a week of the engagement, we had set the date (January 24th, 2015), and had the church, venue and band booked. My mom is amazing with planning events 🙂  Within the next two weeks I had a dress, bridesmaid dresses and flowers picked out as well.  Things were moving!  I knew that the middle of July until the first week in August would be super-duper heavy training (peak training weeks actually) so I wanted to get most of the wedding planning details finalized.

Once IMLOU was over I decided that wedding planning didn’t keep me busy enough (ha), an JMR and I started to look at houses.  Within a couple of weeks we found a house that we loved and made an offer the day it went on the market!

…which meant that I needed to get my rump into gear and put my condo on the market as well, which added a whole new layer of stress!  As of last week it is officially on the market but there are a few things that I am still working on updating/fixing (the biggest being a water leak in the bathroom), but for the most part it’s ready. I’ve only had two showings so far, so hopefully things pick up soon!

I’ve also started back up with my coach again but only to work on maintaining a base (or in my case, since I haven’t done much at all since IMLOU….creating a base) AND so that I will fit in my wedding dress!  I was measured during peak training and probably at my most fittest, so I really can’t indulge too much during the holidays!

Well, that’s about it for now…. back to working on my IMLOU race report 🙂

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