KS 70.3 Race Report: Swim

On to the swim! After JMR and I hung out for a while, plus an additional 15 minutes (they pushed all waves back 15 minutes, I guess because traffic was so bad getting into the park), then I finally lined up with my wave around 7ish (the first wave went off at 6:30).  I chatted nervously with my tri club buddy until we waded into the water and let me tell you… I was nervous.  The last time I did this distance I was so innocent about the day’s events and didn’t know what could lie ahead of me.  I know that sounds negative, but that’s kind of how I approached the day.  Grateful and Cautious.  Two of the words that kept coming into my thoughts throughout the day.  Also ‘treat this as a training day’ was constantly in my head to keep the stress at bay.  The goal was to finish.

Cue the unflattering pic in a wetsuit :)

Cue the unflattering pic in a wetsuit 🙂

Treading water and waiting to hear the gun go off!

Treading water and waiting to hear the gun go off!

Before I knew it, the gun went off and we were swimming.  Oh boy!  What to expect….I didn’t know!  I really dislike swimming in the local open water swims because I find the water kind of gross, so I hadn’t done an open water swim since Redman last Sept. Yipes.  Plus, I did get a bit panicky last year in my wetsuit, so I didn’t know what to expect.  Except.  Nothing…. nothing at all. I got into a groove with my strokes and that was it.  One, two three….breathe… one two three….breathe and before I knew it I was at the turn around.  Wow. Ok.  This was going well!

As I kept going I did start to feel a bit tired/warm (I was wearing my full sleeved wetsuit) and was ready to be done…but also not.  The thought of getting on the bike filled me with a heavy feeling in my stomach, not dread but, not excitement either.  For a moment I wished I could just keep swimming instead (and I NEVER feel that way, lol)..

Before I knew it I was up on the bank, climbing out of the water and having helpers get me out of my wetsuit.  I picked up my walk towards transition but it was by no means a run (JMR took a video of me and oh my…I look like an old lady taking a stroll in the park).  After getting socks and shoes on and of course helmet, I was on my way on the bike.  Yikes.

Moving slowly...

Moving slowly…

I'm going to do this!  Maybe... yeah...maybe...

I’m going to do this! Maybe… yeah…maybe…

Swim: 39:48

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