Snow motivation!

Phew!  Once again, things have been busy since my last post!  I think that’s how things are just going to be until IMAZ, so I’m going to just stop saying that altogether 🙂

Last week my focus was on training, training, training.  Since I missed so many workouts when I was sick, I was determined to actually have a good week and not have a sad-looking training-peaks week (a website where my coach lists my workouts, and I enter what I completed and the details of each workout).  I was successful!  I did miss one swim workout, but I finally got in all of the other workouts!

I also tried a new spin class last week, I probably won’t be doing many spin classes during training so I can get my planned workout in, but it’s a nice change-up in my routine.  This class was crazy!  The bikes moved to simulate outdoor riding!  My friend Suepac and I got there early, so I decided we should take two bikes in the front.  I am used to being in the front at my regular spinning class, so I figured it would be the same.  I was wrong.  First, it took me a while to get used to the bikes, then I realized there was a mirror on the wall for the whole class to stare at us while we (fine, while I) looked uncoordinated (how I missed the mirror originally, I’m not sure, but it was dark when we walked in) and then, after 15 minutes…I thought I was going to throw up!  I haven’t done a spin class in months, and it was super intense compared to the trainer rides I have been doing.  Also, because the bike moved from side to side, it was an ab workout, and my abs are lame right now, so it was painful!  Oh boy.  I gutted it out and made it the full 45 minutes, but I’m not going to lie, it hurt!

After the spin class I met some friends for Mexican food (who doesn’t love to gorge on mexican food after a good workout? ;)) and then went to the grocery store to get supplies for the dinner I was making JMR for Valentine’s day.  I’m not usually a big fan of Valentine’s day (why show your love one time a year?!) but for some reason, this year I was excited about it.  Perhaps it was because it was close to the weekend and we were celebrating on the actual day?  Usually we never do anything on the actual day.  Regardless, I got up early the next day, put together a dry rub of delicious spices and put a pork loin in my slowcooker for pulled pork tacos!  (Ok, I admit, I love mexican food, and could probably eat it every day)  When I got home from work my house smelled of pork goodness… and dinner was pretty darn good!

Friday night I stayed in because I had a big day on Saturday, which was a good thing because I was up at 7:30a on Saturday, on my trainer by 8a, followed by a 2 mile run and then off to the pool by 10a!  I met a friend for lunch and then had a tri club meeting at 2p.  I got home around 4:30p, and then went out with Suepac and her husband for …. drumroll….. mexican food for dinner at one of my favorite places, Pueblo Solis.  (Note: I am avoiding all mexican food for at least a week so I can detox :))  The margaritas and burrito I ordered were both delicious!

Sunday I layed low for a bit, had some friend/family gatherings and prepared for a busy week at work, as we had a new department going live on our electronic health record system.  Even with the busy start to the work week, I did manage to get my workouts in.  Meet my new best friend:

photo (8)

She’s so pretty!

Lola on the trainer.  I used to loathe the trainer….cringe, in fact, when I thought about it.  But lately, my coach has given me some awesome workouts to do on it, and I am loving it!  Also, I have turned on the closed captioning on my tv and just listen to music which really helps as well.  I have a hot date with Lola and my trainer tomorrow morning – I can’t wait.

Today I had a swim and run on my training schedule, but based on the weather reports I saw yesterday, it looked like we were going to get some serious snow mid-day, which meant that the local Y where I work out would probably be closed by the time I got home from work.  Which meant one thing….early @ss morning workout. Ugh.  I struggle with those.  However, when my alarm went off at 4:45a, I was up!  Put on my swimsuit and was off to the gym!  I knocked out my 1600m swim, followed by a 4.5 mile run.  It always takes longer than I think because showering after swimming and then putting on running clothes never seems to go smoothly (not showering after swimming and then running is the worst, it’s like running in a pool because you reek of chlorine), however, I managed to still get to work on time, which was a relief.  What wasn’t a relief was that when I got to work it looked nice out, sunny in fact!  Did I give up my precious z’s for nothing?  Then… it got cloudy… and then….. eventually this happened:

photo (9)

View from my deck

Man was I soooo glad to have gotten both workouts in this morning!  I think my motivation to get my workouts in were fueled 100% on the fact that a big storm was coming and this morning was my only chance to get them in (and it was, the Y ended up closing at noon).  Perhaps I should trick myself into that thought every morning?  Regardless, I’m still on track for my workouts this week…. my coach has me doing 9.5 hours of training this week – I’m hoping to get pretty darn close to that number!  However, for the rest of today, my rump is parked on the couch, followed by an early bedtime so I’m rested for my hot date with Lola and my trainer tomorrow morning!

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