Back in the game and ready to train!

Yep, you read that right, I’m back in the game and ready to train!  It’s been a few days since I’ve posted and a lot has happened since my last post!

Work has been ridiculously busy, I helped lead 12 hours of end-user training on Tuesday, 4 hours on Wednesday and had many many meetings on top of that.  Plus, I had PT at 6:30a on Monday and went to the gym to run at 5:30a on Wednesday, so by yesterday evening my head was spinning.  On top of that I’ve been really good about cooking all of my meals and sticking to eating Paleo since Saturday.  I think that’s a record for me!  Usually after the five day mark the weekend rolls around and I get too tempted and end up eating bread (pizza!) or rice.  I guess starting on a Saturday was the trick!

Back to the title of my post, training!  Probably the most exciting news of the week, ok well, there were two pieces of exciting news, I’ll get to the second in a minute, was that I finally met my coach last night!  We’ve talked on the phone, but I’ve never met her in-person before.  We met after work and we went over my current fitness, what my goals were, what my typical schedule was like and what days would work best for various workouts (long rides, speedwork, etc).  After going through what my race schedule looked like for 2013, we then discussed what my nutrition strategy would be, as it usually takes awhile to figure out what will work for long rides, the run afterwards, etc.  She gave some recommendations for nutrition that she like and worked for her, so I might start out with that in a couple of months when I’m done building my base and getting into more intense workouts.  One thing I know I want to aim for IMAZ is doing liquid nutrition rather than solids or just gels/honey stinger chews, because that’s all I did for Redman (other than water) and by the end of the bike I was so sick of them, and that’s only half the distance of an Ironman!

Overall I felt really comfortable around her and think it will be easy to communicate to her what is working for me and what isn’t so that we can keep modifying my training plan to be as manageable as possible (as manageable as an Ironman training plan can be!). Because Triple-T is coming up soon, we decided that she would start putting together my training starting next week, so technically my first official workout for IMAZ starts next Monday, hooray! (I’m sure by September I’ll be wondering what I was so excited for)

The second piece of exciting news this week is that my tri-bike has arrived!  I am going on Sunday to get fitted and get new pedals and triathlon specific cycling shoes, and of course take it home.  I cannot wait!!  It will be interesting riding my trainer in aero position for the first time!

So, despite it being super duper busy this week, lots of good things are happening!

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