…is it the weekend yet?

It’s funny how four days weeks always seem even longer than regular five days weeks, at least to me they do.  Then throw in another four-day week the week before and this week seems EVEN longer.  Sadly, when I woke up today it was not Friday, only Thursday, hrmph.  Oh well, it still feels like Friday to me.

I woke up this morning tired, but awake enough that I was able to muster up the energy to head out for my planned long weekday run.  As I started running I was already doing the math to see if I could squeeze some miles in after work before a family event so that I could cut the run short.  I passed several other runners along the way and they were having a grand old-time, smiling and waving, looking super happy waving as they passed me and all I wanted to do was just crawl back into bed.  Morning people, pffft.  Finally by mile 3.5 my head stopped doing calculations and I realized that the planned 9 miles were going to happen this morning.  After that, I was able to settle into a stronger pace and then I was the one semi-smiling as I passed people and giving them a wave.  I’m still not a morning person, but after several miles I can pretend to be one too.

I finished the run in a little over an hour and 23 minutes, which isn’t super speedy, around 9:15 minute miles, but considering the first two were around a 10 minute pace, I’ll take it.  Plus, morning runs are usually a bit slower for me anyways because, well, it’s the morning, I’m still asleep.   It finally felt good to run at a speedier pace than I have usually been doing on my longer runs these days.

After quickly showering and getting ready, I headed to work a tad later than usual, but I figured that since this was my last long weekday run, it was ok to be a tiny later than usual since I won’t have to do this again anytime soon.  As usual work was busy, lots of preparation for the go-live, which helped the day go by fast.  I also celebrated my run as a victory amidst my recent not-so-great-training by eating an entire wrap from crazy bowls with some extra tofu added for lunch (no pictures, sorry, I ate it too fast).

After work I took the little guy on a walk and then headed over to my aunt and uncle’s for a family event.  I’m not sure if I had amnesia and forgot that I ate an ENTIRE wrap from crazy bowls for lunch, but I still managed to eat a bit too much.  As I’m typing this I still feel stuffed several hours later, but what can I say, as usual at our family parties, the food was too good to pass up on anything!  The next two weeks I’m really going to have to watch what I eat a bit more because the training volume will be considerably less (hooray), and gaining weight and wearing spandex do not match (boo hiss).  At least if you don’t want to scare people.

Tomorrow morning I have a dr’s appointment for my annual physical as well as for the increase in migraines I’ve been having, so no workout in the am, but I do have a swim planned after work.  I’m going to be a fish this weekend due to missing out on the workouts during the week.  Nothing like swimming three days in a row- I can’t wait to rock wrinkly fingers and carry the slight scent of chlorine by Sunday night.  Hot.  I’m sure JMR won’t be able to resist me.

Also, I lied in yesterday’s post, I don’t have any fun pictures for this post, but I’ll be sure to take some random ones tomorrow to surprise you with.


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