An uneventful day…

… which is nice every now and then 🙂  I did attempt to get up and run to beat the heat but (as usual) that didn’t work out.  Someday I will become a routine morning exerciser, I can usually get up early a couple of times a week, but Mondays and Tuesdays are the toughest!

In my attempt to get up and run this morning before work, I let my little dog, Patrick, sleep in my bed because once my alarm clock goes off, he’s up.  As in, full tail-wagging, let’s play, let’s go outside to potty, let’s lick your ears, there-is-no-way-you-are-going-back to-bed-type of up.  This has worked successfully in the past, however I woke up around 3a to him eating his feet and making gross dog mouth noises.  So I sent him back to his own bed so I could fall back asleep and, of course, not wake up in time to run.

Here’s a picture of Patrick sleeping, not on my bed, but on the couch after a busy day of blogging.

After work I ran a quick errand to the UPS store to return my FINAL book I will ever rent for graduate school (I finished in June).   It felt so good to get that last reminder of school finalized and completed.  Once I made it home, I went for a quick 5 miler, and even though my phone said it was 99 outside, it felt a lot less awful than the typical 99 degree weather we usually have.  I’m thinking it was due to the lack of humidity…. whatever it was, I’ll take it.

When I finished my run, I headed to my parents house to pick up tickets to the baseball game tomorrow night.  I’ve only gone twice this summer so I’m excited to go again!  Also, the weather should be nice and not too hot, hooray!  Bring on the nachos with extra jalapenos and perhaps a beer too! 🙂

So all in all,  a pretty uneventful day, and now I’m finishing cheese quesadillas for dinner (I am addicted to cheese, it’s a pretty big problem) and heading to bed!

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